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Whether you are on the lookout for your portfolio start-up, investor or project partner – join our Ultimate Demo Day on December 9, 2021, and get to the next level of your innovation journey!

The Ultimate Demo day is...

  • a hybrid pitch and networking event

  • including start-up pitches, a matchmaking app and a start-up exhibition

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I am highly impressed by the volume and quality of the projects.

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Ultimate Demo Day Agenda 2021

Take a look at our Ultimate Demo Day Agenda and plan your day with us! You can watch the stage program, become part of the randomised speed networking & simply contact other participants - or you let our smart networking tool find your best match. Either way - let’s start connecting!

Our online platform opens on December 6, 2021! This allows you to check out our start-ups and already vote for your favorite one, find your best matches and schedule meetings for the event itself or to create your personal agenda.

Timetable online Ultimate Demo Day 2021

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Start-ups, that make a difference!

We proudly present: our amazing start-ups! In the clusters #Artificial Intelligence, #Digitalization, #Energy Tech, #Food & Agriculture Tech, #Future of Mobility, #Healthcare, #Industry 4.0, and #Sustainability you will gain an impression of their valuable innovations on Dec 9, 2021.

Startup Logos Cluster AI

#Artificial Intelligence

Angsa Robotics, hema.to & Sub Capitals GmbH

What are the promising technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How is AI changing our daily lives? Our start-ups show that AI it is not all about robots and science fiction, but about making business processes easier to save resources, time and money.
Startup Logos Cluster Digitalization


GovRadar, Numi Solution & Vestigas

Digitalization not only dominates our everyday life but is also a key factor for every company to master future economic challenges. Digitalization as the path forward is a central element that companies must integrate into their innovation strategy.
Startup Logos Cluster Energy Tech

#Energy Tech

Aladyn System, Viezo & Voltfang

New energy technologies away from fossil fuels are a broad field of the future - from generation to storage and finally distribution. At the same time, renewable energies have become a key economic factor in ensuring competitiveness, growth and a stable labor market. This also holds almost inexhaustible opportunities for start-ups!
Startup Logo Cluster Food Agtech

#Food & Agtech

AGVOLUTION, AGXEED, ConstellR, Cow Byotec, DigiFarm, ekolive, Imagindairy, Paltech, Plantruption, TRABOTYX & WUGGL

Agriculture, food technology and biotechnology are areas where not only climate change can be positively affectet but also urgent issues of how we can secure health and provide food for the global population. Start-ups in this sector follow high principles to make our world a better place.
211124 Startup Cluster 800x600 Future of Mobility

#Future of Mobility

AirCar, cogniBIT, DeepDrive, Delivers.ai, Eatron Technologies, Hopper Mobility, PANTOhealth, Plan4better, Sencept & VePa

It makes a difference, how movement in living spaces is designed - for it affects our daily life. What are smart mobility solutions that facilitate our daily life? How can we stop wasting our precious time by being stuck in traffic jam? This is where our start-ups come in.
Startup Logos Cluster Healthcare



Since the corona pandemic at the latest, we have learned how important innovations are in healthcare. Start-ups are agile and can react quickly to developments with their smart technologies.
Startup Logos Cluster Industry4 0

#Industry 4.0

crino, DirectFEM, sereact, Software Defined Automation & SOLID 3D Engineering

Digitalizing industrial production in order for better perfomance now and in the future is the key driver of industry 4.0. The technical basis for this is intelligent and digitally networked systems to scoop for the maximum effect. Start-ups show, that it is not a future scenario any more that people, machines, logistics and products are in direct communication and cooperation with each other.
Startup Logos Cluster Sustainability


BioCore, Matter, Tanso & Vyoma

It's our start-ups that help creating long-term value - for our planet and future generations. Sustainability shall no longer only be a trendy term, we need the actions of our start-ups to save the future of our ecosystems, nature, animals und each single person.

Organized by UnternehmerTUM



At UnternehmerTUM, visions turn into value. Our teams empower innovation enthusiasts to take entrepreneurial action. Together with start-ups and established companies, we drive tech ventures forward - from first idea to market leadership. In collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and entrepreneur Susanne Klatten, we’ve been promoting future-forward start-ups such as Celonis, Konux, Lilium and Isar Aerospace since 2002.
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Techfounders logo


TechFounders is a 20 weeks accelerator program that enables professional co-creation between leading corporations and the most promising startups. Besides receiving a cash component, startups benefit from high-class coaching, mentoring and a unique network. The current Batch #14 started in July and includes ten up-and-coming tech startups from around Europe that are driving the future of mobility, tackling microplastic pollution, transforming energy storage systems, and developing many more innovations for emerging industries.
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UVC Partners

UVC Partners

UVC Partners, an early-stage capital investment company, concentrates on European technology start-ups with high-growth B2B business models at their earliest stages up to Series A. They initially invest €500,000 to €5 million - with potential for more.
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XPRENEUR Sincubator


XPRENEURS is a three-month full-time incubation program for high-tech start-ups in their early phase. Strong teams support them with their strategy to market entry by helping them to validate their business model, find first customers and prepare for their first investment. The current Batch #8 started in August with 9 start-ups from the areas of IoT Industry 4.0, MedTech, B2B Software and Smart City. Watch them pitch their ideas!
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EIT Food

EIT Food

EIT Food is Europe's leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted.
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EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable.
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TUM Venture Labs

TUM Venture Labs

The TUM Venture Labs are a new joint initiative by the Technical University of Munich and UnternehmerTUM to foster innovative, scalable start-ups and build a leading European DeepTech hub.
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VentureCapital Magazin

Since May 2000, VentureCapital Magazin has been informing investors, innovative entrepreneurs and intermediaries about trends, transactions and backgrounds relating to private equity, entrepreneurship and technologies. Please find the special edition, 17th volume attached.
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